About Us

Our family

Ours is a business run by a family whose members are passionate about nature, beauty and spirituality,  as well as history, the territory, but also the taste of flavours delighting the body and the soul.
Loving and respecting the environment today means mainly loving humanity in all its complexity,  in a time where men and women seek enjoyable shelters, also and above all to rediscover the mystery that has been lost in a hectic everyday life.
The word “monastery”, regardless of personal values and beliefs, refers precisely to the deep sense of this research full of wonder and joy, as a break that makes a personal journey, sometimes too hard, lighter.
Our families, that have Italian, Spanish and Latin American origins, have been working for many years in this beautiful area of Piedmont,  in sectors that are more similar than we might think: « Beauty will save the world » (F. Dostoevskij) as well as giving a shelter to of more or less fragile or weary people.